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Geeky in Seattle

If I’m being honest, I have to admit that before this last trip we’d never spent more than roughly 24 hours’ time actually in Seattle. We can luxuriate in a relatively bustling city scene here in Kansas City if we really want to (we generally don’t) but have nothing comparable to the ocean and mountains and temperate rainforests, so most of our time in the PNW is spent enjoying those natural splendors. And indulge in the outdoors we did: we walked stunning ocean shores, hiked to waterfalls, ventured to the northwestern most point of the continental U.S., decompressed with beautiful lakeside vistas and paraglided for unrivaled sights and exhilaration.

While searching for a hike near North Bend/Snoqualmie*, we stumbled across a film crew at a local diner. Perhaps you’ve heard about the resurrection of a cult favorite tv show, Twin Peaks… You guys, we were in North Bend while they were filming Twin Peaks! We really didn’t see much, as the flurry of crew members obscured most anything interesting and accessibility near the set was limited. (David Lynch was apparently unhappy with fan presence; this article was published the day before we coincidentally ended up on-site.) We might have been more obnoxious in trying to obtain photos had we binged all 22 episodes prior to going rather than just finishing it this week.
I can tell you that from a couple of blocks away, down a back alley, we saw the classic turquoise waitress dresses—couldn’t discern which actresses were wearing them. One gal had curly hair but looked too short and a bit too round to be the fictional Shelley Johnson.

*We never found the hike I had planned. Crews were working on Middle Fork Road, so that access was cut off and we opted to return to the hotel for an afternoon nap rather than search for work-arounds.

Twin Peaks wasn’t the only geeky indulgence on our vacation. The EMP Museum in downtown Seattle ensured that, as our time in town corresponded with the traveling exhibit “Star Wars and the Power of Costume.”

The exhibit itself was quite nice, if a bit overpriced. Past exhibits “Star Wars in Concert” and “Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination” showcased many of the same costumes, but that didn’t hamper my enthusiasm. This is, after all, the year of Star Wars!

EMP also featured brilliant exhibits for fantasy, horror and sci-fi costumes and artifacts. There was something for virtually every geeky indulgence, from Ghostbusters to the Wizard of Oz, Alien, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones to The Princess Bride. I definitely recommend visiting if you can stand to pull yourself away from the majestic wilderness.

To see the full complement of photos from our trip, including MANY more geektastic exhibit images, trek on over to my share site (HERE).


Why I’m Not Doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

Unless you’ve been completely unplugged from all media for the last few weeks, you’re familiar with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge campaign. And in the off chance you have just resurfaced and are unfamiliar, welcome back! The ‘challenge’ is to dump ice water on yourself and donate money to support ALS research charities, or don’t do the ice water and donate more money to make up for not embarrassing yourself.

It’s a clever campaign, I guess. It’s simple enough that anyone can do it, the basic premise is one that can be manipulated in a number of creative ways and it capitalizes on humanity’s apparent desire to plaster their likenesses on the internet for the world to see. Plus, it gives us another way to emulate celebrities (“they’re just like us!”).

I tried to fly under the radar by neglecting to like or comment on others’ videos, but it finally caught up with me. My rotten cousin ‘nominated’ me to take the challenge this week.

Well, I learned as a little girl that it’s dangerous to have water dumped on you…melting and whatnot. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

In lieu of ice water, I have made donations to 2 causes: Team Gleason for ALS and the Africa Oasis Project, an initiative to provide clean water to drought- and poverty-stricken areas across Africa. In most cases, we are blessed with ample access to water—this ice bucket challenge thing would be a lot less successful with buckets of hot, dry dirt. Africa, though, has the lowest coverage of water supply and sanitation services in the world.

Please consider supporting a cause or two, and feel free to take an ice bath if you really want to.