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We interrupt this dead air for a brief transmission from yours truly.

Working short-staffed by day is not good for my recreational writing. Neither is binge watching shows like Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD by night. (For the record, people aren’t lying when they say it got unbelievably better after the first 12 or so episodes.)

But all is not lost…I finally finished editing photos from my September Oregon adventures with my momma. I’m including my 15 top picks below as a teaser; you can view a couple hundred more over at my share site (here).


Washington Photos

More than a month removed from our trip, I’ve finally uploaded Washington photos.

Among the highlights of our trip were Wallace Falls and the North Cascade mountains. Skagit River and Diablo Lake (along North Cascades Hwy.) treated us to watery hues that looked unreal and varied with nearly every glance—the color seemed to depend largely on the rapidly changing cloud cover.
A couple of days on San Juan Island provided spectacular wildlife viewing and vibrant sunsets that rival any we’ve ever seen.

The full set is viewable on my share site, which is also linked in the Gallery page above. Here are just a few of my favorites…


Checking In

We’re on day 4 of our Washington adventure. The weather to this point has been exquisite (if a little on the warm side), though rain has worked its way back into the picture today. But, hey, it’s the PNW…what else would one expect?!
Spent Sunday with a friend of mine and her family. Her youngest son is starting first grade today and LOVED talking Star Wars with me. Hearing about it from a child’s perspective gave me a whole new appreciation that I’ll work to articulate when we are a bit more stationary.

Until then, here are a couple of photos I snapped with my phone. Snoqualmie Falls and Wallace Falls State Park, respectively.




It’s About Time

I finally narrowed down Oregon pics enough to post them. Kind of. There are still 240ish, but it was the best I could do.

Mountains, waterfalls, beaches, forests, Twilight filming locations, there’s all sorts of fun stuff…

The next trip out west is already in the works; can’t wait to go back!