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Back on Track

Well, it’s been nearly 3 months since I last posted…amazing how time just sneaks away when you’re not looking. The weeks and months since Christmas have been an adjustment around our house, for the better in some ways and worse in others.

Severus and I flew to Oregon on Christmas Day to enjoy some oceanic therapy. It really is amazing what being oceanfront can do for the soul! It’s also amazing what falling into the ocean can do to an iPhone 6—not good amazing. Fortunately, we still had an upgrade on our contract so my waterlogged, 3-month-old phone has been replaced and I’m back up and running. Here’s a little peek at what that dip in the Pacific looked like.


Unfortunately, we’ve not yet been able to recover the photos/videos that hadn’t yet loaded to the cloud. That in itself wouldn’t be a big deal except that it was our last Christmas with Vampire Kitty. We got frequent reports from my mom (who was housesitting) that Storm wasn’t eating. We had hoped it was a simple matter of her being a cat and protesting our absence. When we returned home on New Years Day we found that wasn’t the case. After several days of syringe-feedings, we took her back to the vet’s office and learned she was losing weight at an alarming rate. On Friday, January 9, a bitey little soul left our lives; melodramatic though it is, I haven’t been quite the same since.

Storm and I were almost like halves of a whole. She was both a BFF and nemesis. She slept right beside me at night, joined me as I prepared for work each morning and greeted me at the door when I arrived home. In spite of all that togetherness—or perhaps because of it—she also lashed out and bit me with regularity. Given all of the wounds she inflicted over the years, I feel secure in saying that we shared a bond forged in blood.

Those first few weeks found me nearly inconsolable. Translation: there was a whole lot of ugly crying! For heaven’s sake, I’ve got misty eyes again now just thinking about it. That’s why it’s taken me so long to get back in the swing of blogging; I dreaded having to write this post but couldn’t pretend like it didn’t happen or have a tremendous impact on my world.

She was just a cat, and she was kind of a jerk of one at that, but she was my little jerk. Things have steadily improved and we’ve welcomed a new little family member that I’ll introduce soon. Still, the Storm-shaped void aches with fluctuating intensity and, like any grief, finds the most obscure ways to resurface.



Howdy, Strangers!

A lot has happened since I last posted. First, the hard drive on my MacBook decided to die; fortunately, I rescued my files by creating a mirror image of the drive on an external hard drive. So all is not lost, and I’ll have a new HD installed sooner or later.

My mom and I took a trip to Oregon last week (pics coming when I have my laptop again). It was lovely, of course, but I was saddened to see how dry things have gotten. Here’s hoping for a precipitous autumn and winter in the PNW.

stormAlso over the last couple of weeks our 12-year-old vampire kitty has been under the weather. After a couple of trips to the veterinarian’s office and blood tests, we’re not any closer to knowing what’s wrong. Poor girl has been very lethargic and shows no interest in food or playing… though I have gotten in some good snuggles. If you’d be willing to send up a little prayer for Storm, we’d appreciate it. She’s a mean little cuss but we love her terribly in spite of herself, and it’s hard to see her suffer.

Happy Friday to all, and to all a good night.

Anatomy of a Morning

This is the city: Kansas City, Missouri. I work here. I write. My morning starts long before I arrive at my desk.

4:59AM  I’m inexplicably wide awake but refuse to rise before my alarm clock sounds.

5:03AM  The alarm chirps at me, softly at first then progressively louder. I stick my foot out from under the covers—it’s cold out there. One snooze leaves me with plenty of time to get ready, so I’ll just chill here.

5:12AM  2nd alarm is triggered. I fumble to hit the snooze button in my semiconscious state.

5:21AM  Re-read the last statement but substitute (3rd) for (2nd).

5:30AM  I’m awake again, so I turn off the alarm altogether. I’ll get up in just a minute.

5:51AM  Guess I wasn’t awake after all. And I need to shower. Annnnd I’m supposed to be out of the house in less than an hour. Gonna have to make it snappy this morning.

5:56AM  How did I just kill another five minutes here? Okay, now I really need to rush through the shower.

6:14AM  Well that took longer than expected. Now only 30 minutes to get out the door.

6:20AM  Headed downstairs to watch the news while applying my makeup. Vampire Kitty decides that cuddle time is in order and takes up residence on my dominant arm.

6:28AM  Vampire Kitty is unhappy that I’m clumsily using my free hand to put on makeup. She bites me. I make a mental note to look into kitty-sized muzzles.

6:40AM  Makeup is finally done. Time to go blowdry my hair, insert contact lenses and search for clean(-ish) clothes.

6:50AM  I need to do laundry more often. This is ridiculous. There have to be some clothes around here that I don’t hate.

6:55AM  So I wore these jeans Friday, good enough. Now to figure out the shoe situation.vans

7:00AM  Sweet! I unearthed my pair of Vans that have been missing since our move last fall.

7:05AM  My car keys aren’t in my purse. And now nothing else is either.

7:07AM  Found the keys on the counter. Hope I haven’t missed the entertainment news segment on the radio. (I hadn’t.)

7:08AM  That plan of being at work by 7:30 today looks pretty unlikely given my 50-minute drive.

How do people ever do this with kids to wrangle too?
Happy Monday, everyone!


One of my 30 Before 30 goals is to assemble a 2,000-piece puzzle by myself*.  A quick stop at Target this weekend, and I’m on my way to crossing said goal off the list.  I’ve not invested a whole lot of time yet, but I’m already pleased with my progress.  The goal is to finish in three weeks or less—I could shatter that time frame if only I didn’t have to work.  Here’s how it looked yesterday afternoon.

*Vampire Kitty decided to join in, but she didn’t technically help, so I think we’re okay.

Spirited New World

Troopers’ Thicket entertains the musings of a girl called Darth Amethystos.  “Who is this Darth Amethystos?” you ask.  She’s me.

I’m a life-long Star Wars fangirl.  My pets all have the middle name Trooper.  Two dogs: Scout and Shadow.  One deceptively adorable cat: Storm (aka Vampire Kitty).  Said kitty has definite psychological issues, but few things relax me more than her purr.  This is, no doubt, part of her plan for world domination—lull the victim to sleep then indulge the bloodlust with venom-tipped, razor-sharp fangs.

I escape during the day to avoid being preyed upon in my own home.  A well-known greeting card company pays me to take refuge in their packaging studio.  I fiddle with words and, basically, critique people’s work.  I also get the privilege of contributing to brainstorms for some of our Star Wars product; it’s a pretty great gig (most days).

Though opinionated and critical, I’m a rather indecisive person—this presents challenges in the throes of building a new home.  I want it rustic and lodgey, craftsman and cozy, farmhousey and airy.  There are just so many possibilities!  But most of all, I want it to be done.  There’s a storage pod brimming with Star Wars paraphernalia eager to get into its new abode.