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It’s finally here, you guys!!!!! In just a couple of sleeps we’ll be getting our first full look at The Force Awakens, and I’m downright giddy. GIDDY!

Because we’re this close I’m steering clear of social media until after the 7pm Thursday (CST) showing. I might make some remote posts during the movie marathon on Thursday, but I’m sure as heck not reading anything that gets posted. With friends and fellow fans across the globe getting their glimpse before I get mine, I don’t want to chance anything. Here’s a little variation on what I posted to my Facebook account yesterday in advance of my quarantine…

’Twas the week of new Star Wars, and in the Amethystos house
One girl couldn’t stop stirring—You guessed it, Severus’s spouse. (that would be me)

The tickets were purchased with months left to spare,
And now the time came, it so soon would be there;
Even when nestled all snug in my bed,
Visions of TIE Fighters danced in my head.

With trailers, tv spots and internet on tap,
Avoiding the spoilers feels like IT’S A TRAP!
Driver, Ridley, Boyega, Ford, Fisher and Hamill,
Old heroes, new villains and droids, worlds and mammals,

In J.J. we trust, it won’t be too long now,
Prepare the tears, gasps and the re-sound-ing “WOW”s.
Of course, if it’s bad, you’ll hear all of that too,
As if millions of voices cried out a “screw you!”

So now hear me exclaim as I log out of sight—
“Happy Star Wars to all, I’ll be back Thursday night!”



Ode to a Box Fan

We’ll be back in the great state of Washington a week from today. I’m stupid excited, naturally. But as we approach that time of sleeping away from home, I’m reminded of one of the things I’ll miss most of all… my box fan.

It’s true that you are not a sexy appliance—
You’re really much more of a square.
But when it comes right down to user reliance,
Well, darling, you know I’m right there.

It’s not just the cooling that makes me adore you,
I’m really more fond of your noise.
The dull roar helps me sleep, there’s no need to count sheep,
Dear box fan, you’re one of life’s joys!


ps. if you also like sleeping with the sound of a fan, you might check this out next time you’re away from home. Just don’t be surprised if your internet connection drops at some point during the night and the sudden lack of noise wakes you up. <–speaking from experience