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Star Wars Super Fan Lightning Round

As if one video of me haunting the internet wasn’t enough, now the “rapid-fire” segment is live, too. The number of views on YouTube aren’t very impressive but the view counts on the 1iota facebook page freak me out a little.

Anyway, they censored my editorial bit on Mace Windu (I said “he’s the worst”; I prefer Sam Jackson as Nick Fury). And I stand by my other controversial decisions of 1 double-bladed lightsaber rather than 2 single-bladed lightsabers. It offers better control and leaves your other hand free for Force choking or other Force power of choice. Also opted for TIE Fighter over the Falcon or Slave 1 because, as someone who has a stupid daily commute, I really don’t want to live in my ship. Short-range missions suit me just fine.


The Forest Moon

A long time ago in a galaxy far, fa… you get the idea… there was a forest moon full of towering evergreen trees, massive ferns, furry little bipedal bear-like creatures and a garrison of Imperial troops guarding the shield generator for the second Death Star.

Northern California is home to the Redwood National and State Parks, the region employed as principal filming location of Endor for Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. The search for this forest moon is what drove the last leg of our February vacation.

As a child, I lived and breathed Return of the Jedi. There is literally nothing about the Endor scenes I dislike (apart from Special Edition updates); the lush green setting, the costumes, speeder bike chases and ewoks, I love it all!

Our first visit to the Pacific Northwest was in February 2012, and the Olympic National Park temperate rain forest knocked my socks off (figuratively, of course). It made my heart feel close to “home”—never before had I seen a landscape so like that of Endor. When this year found us close enough to visit the redwoods near Crescent City and Smith River, CA, we couldn’t resist.

Alas, we failed to stumble upon any ewok booby-traps or Imperial strongholds, and the only signs of the Rebel Alliance were on my shirt. The rest, however, was magnificent. To say the trees are ‘big’ is an understatement; some of them are downright massive. Many moments I stood in complete awe, feeling utterly insignificant in my mere humanity. I haven’t the words for due justice of the splendor, and even my photographs are wanting. I’ll leave you with a sampling below, the rest are linked on my share site. CLICK HERE