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An Open Letter to Jennifer Lawrence

UPDATE: I had no idea there was another “Open Letter to Jennifer Lawrence” that was Freshly Pressed today. Merely coincidence. Great minds and all that.

I’m not too keen on the whole “open letter” trend of late. No, really, I’m not…regardless of what the title above may say. The way I figure it, everything I blog is an “open letter” addressed to the general public. This time around, I just happen to be addressing it to a particular person.

So here goes…

Dear Jennifer (do you prefer Jen?),
At 31 years old, it’s probably a bit late for me to resume sending fan mail. I sent some letters to a couple of kids on the Mickey Mouse Club back in the late ’80s—you may not have been alive yet—and then to some stars of Saved by the Bell in the mid ’90s. They were all kind enough to send me signed photos in return; whether or not they were authentic signatures is up for debate. There’s no debating the joy I felt upon receiving them.
Regardless, I’m not looking for a signed photo this time around. I mean, it’d be cool to have at my cubicle or whatever but that’s not my intent. And besides, I’m not including a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE we called it back in the day).

Anyway, I’m writing today to thank you for being wonderful. Many celebrities right now seem entirely out of touch with reality—maybe that’s an unfair assessment by this midwestern girl, but many do tend to come across that way even if it’s not the absolute truth. In contrast, your down-to-earth persona appears authentic and relatable, a breath of fresh air. Your interviews are perhaps even more enjoyable to watch than your film performances, which is saying something. Your just being you brings joy to an awful lot of people, and I think you deserve kudos for that!

2503c9ce9fc2aac55d92065ab45a85c6On a more personal note, please accept my appreciation for being something of a role model. Not in the idolizing “I want to do everything Jennifer Lawrence does” way, because I realize no one is perfect and cannot consistently live up to the ridiculous pressures of the lime light. Instead, I admire that you exude a ‘love yourself for who you are’ mentality. For average folks like myself, it can be hard to be happy with one’s self when compared with the standards of beauty that are glorified in media. Your presence, though, provides a healthy juxtaposition. Your physique and style are far better than I will likely ever attain (unless I get a personal stylist/trainer and magically transform into someone who hates junk food), but your appearance gives me a more realistic ideal to strive towards. And you somehow manage it without taking yourself too seriously. I’m a generally dorky person, so that goes a long way in making an impression on me. Like the arm-flap wave at the Oscars this weekend…

In closing, keep being awesome. And may the odds be ever in your favor (like you haven’t heard that one a million times).

-Darth Amethystos


Catching Fire

You guys!!!!!!! Last night I attended the Kansas City premiere
screening of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. (Thanks, Subway!)catching-fire-movie-poster

Let me tell you straight, the film is fantastic! There is one caveat—it’s not easy to watch. Even knowing what happens from having read the book, I found myself on the edge of my seat. And I’m pretty sure I may have experienced elevated blood pressure.

Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful complement to both the previous movie—which I saw 4 times in the theater—and Suzanne Collins’ work. It’s been a while since I pored over the text but didn’t notice any glaring departures.
As with any film adaptation, there are differences from the source material due to varied interpretation as well as budgetary and time constraints. In this case, time was used judiciously (nearly 2.5 hours) and pacing kept things moving at a comfortable clip. Special effects were considerably improved over the 1995-esque look of its predecessor, though still lacking for such a major cinematic event. But this is Catching Fire, there’s enough going on that you won’t dwell on over-exaggerated CGI moments. I’m being as vague as possible to avoid spoilers, because I had some complaints over my first Man of Steel review. Can’t win for tryin’.

The returning cast members pick up their roles as if they’d never left the set. Truly, they’re as wonderfully paired with their characters as one could hope—unless you thought they were miscast to begin with, in which case you are wrong.
Moreover, they all seem to find their stride in this installation. It’s just…gah! So stinking good!
I should probably take this opportunity to declare my massive girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence. I want her to be my friend and let me borrow her personal trainers and stylists (but not the people who advised the pixie haircut and atrocious dress she wore at the LA premiere). I want to eat junk food with her and say snarky things. sigh

Anyway, you neeeeeeeed to go see Catching Fire when it hits theaters on Friday. If you haven’t seen the first film, do that stat, because it’s an important foundation.

If you can’t stand the tension of another Hunger Games flick, check out Thor: The Dark World. It’s spectacularly entertaining and just plain fun to watch.

And if you’re still looking for a way to kill some time this weekend, go see Catching Fire again.
I intend to.