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goals are glorified dust collectors

Some people worry over things like poverty or world peace. Me? Yeah, I think about those things and try to make a difference where I can, but writing about those things isn’t really my style. I’d prefer to be self-deprecating (and self-centered) whilst stewing over the fact that I’m turning thirty in 115 days. Just 115 days. Pathetic, I know.

In truth, I’m mostly just poking fun at myself here. I will, however, take this opportunity to revisit my *30 by 30* goals. Spoiler alert: they’re not going well.

30 by 30

  • Make at least 20 recipes from Pinterest (I need to double check, but I think I have a dozen under my belt)
  • Successfully ice a cake using homemade fondant
  • Visit a farmer’s market
  • Use my apron patterns to make cute, retro aprons
  • Work down to my goal weight (need to lose about 25 pounds)
  • Watch the Lord of the Rings movies
  • Attend a geek convention, preferably as part of a work assignment
  • Read all 7 Harry Potter books (I’m up to book 4 now)
  • Attend a marathon of the Twilight films before the last one releases
  • Meet a famous person
  • Go to Disney World
  • Enter a contest (something competitive, not just a prize drawing)
  • Move into a new house (yes, this one is a bit of a cheat)
  • Take a flying lesson (my parents bought me one for my last birthday)
  • Grow back my eyebrows completely (that’s a story for another day)
  • Hike in a national park
  • Meet a real-life elephant (close enough to touch it, not just take a picture)
  • Zip line
  • Eat at a new restaurant/order something that I wouldn’t ordinarily
  • Volunteer for a charity event
  • Refurbish a piece of furniture
  • Get the Stormtrooper tattoo I really like
  • Make a King’s Cake for next Epiphany
  • Take a picture every day for a month and blog it
  • Wear the same article of clothing to work every day for a week
  • Have new family photos taken
  • Play my trumpet in a small ensemble at church
  • Try shooting a gun
  • See more of the Pacific Northwest (I’m thinking Oregon sounds pretty awesome)
  • Put together a 2,000-piece (or more) puzzle by myself (got a good start on one then stalled out 😦 )

Over My Head

How cool would it be to have an enchanted ceiling like the Great Hall at Hogwarts?!  Limitless sky views, none of those pesky weather elements…

Alas, we were unable to contract anyone to supply said enchantments for our new house.  The sub-roof (no idea what you really call this step) is in place, and framing looks to be mostly done.  Hopefully the real roof will go up in the next few days!

Just Sayin’

There are some things in this world that were just destined to be together.  On their own, they’re good; together, they’re great.  Take peanut butter & chocolate.  Chocolate pie & fluffy meringue.  Cake & frosting.  Lego & video games.

I got hooked on the Lego Star Wars franchise when the first video game released several years ago.  The quirky take Lego puts on the saga, the team play that’s encouraged, the problem solving, it’s all genius!

When I finally discovered the world of Harry Potter last year (I’m a late bloomer), I was ecstatic to get the Lego take on it as well.  I’ve just started Years 1-4 and it’s just as fun and satisfying as I would’ve thought…with a caveat.  The game processing is sluggish.  I’ve not noticed it on other games with my platform of choice—PS3.  This one, though, seems to take forever to transition between segments.  Honestly, I’m getting a little sick of seeing the cauldron spin while it’s loading.  Here’s hoping this flaw is improved on Years 5-7.

And just for fun, here are a couple of pictures from LEGOLAND California last December.