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Legendary Outlaw

It’s not often I can say that I got my jam together and rocked an actual Halloween costume, let alone one that involved crafting and artistry. First the Royals in the World Series now this—2014 is a wild ride, y’all! star-lady

There’s another name you might know me by… Star-Lord.
Star-Lord, man! Legendary outlaw?!

So the clothes were easy enough; I used boots, moto pants and a shirt I already had. Picked up the satchel bag for pretty cheap at T.J. Maxx, and the jacket came from Wilson Leather (faux under $60).

Had to scavenge my parents’ house for the portable cassette player. It’s not a genuine Sony Walkman like in the movie, but it was close enough for my purposes and the price was definitely right. Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate any vintage headphones so I decided to paint the black ear pads on a newer pair (and by “newer” I mean from the ’90s). Seemed easy enough and I needed to visit the craft supply store anyway.

Friends, I was wrong about painting the headphone cushions. Very, very wrong. As it turns out, orange spray paint and headphone cushions simply don’t mix. Spraying enough to convey the right color yields a thick, messy layer that will inevitably crack and look awful.

My other craft products were more successful. Using a soldering iron, I carved/melted indentations on a styrofoam ball to resemble the infinity-stone orb. The process smelled all kinds of awful but it was a lot of fun. An all-over coat of black spray paint laid the foundation—and dissolved some of the styrofoam. I followed that with random layers of ‘hammered steel’ pewter spray paint, more black, and some handpainted metallic silver acrylic highlights. Not an exact science by any means, but it ended well.

The black and pewter spray paint also saw a good deal of action on my quad-blaster, which began its life as the standard Nerf model found at Target for about $20. I started by disassembling the top and bottom orange pieces (simply held together by screws). Black base coat, pewter spray, silver acrylic accents applied and layered until it looked sufficiently worn and voila! blaster complete. As I was working with limited time and shortsightedness I failed to consider which ‘underneath’ parts were visible in the final product. Consequently, I’ll eventually need to go back and touch up a bit.

I’m quite happy with the way things turned out, especially since it only took a few hours!


Prattling On

Saturday night we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy again (my 5th time) then came home to watch one Mr. Chris Pratt on Saturday Night Live. Generally speaking, I don’t care much for SNL; I care even less for Ariana Grande, so Pratt was my only reason to tune in.

Naturally, I was bored and tired by the second or third skit and missed out on a thing of beauty…Marvel’s Star Wars. I’m sharing it here since you, too, may have missed it.


pratt leia




17 Minutes

A lot of things can happen in 17 minutes. Satiating a desire to see an anticipated film is not one of those things.GOTG

I was tickled pink over nabbing passes for the advanced screening of Guardians of the Galaxy. As per usual pre-screening procedure, I arrived at the theater 90 minutes early. There were about a dozen people already in line, so I took my place and set about reading my library book. More people filed in behind me, an excited bunch eager to see Marvel’s next big thing.

After about 45 minutes, a theater employee came by to ensure we all knew the screening was only 17 minutes long. Admittedly, this came as a surprise to me. A glimpse at the GotG facebook page tells me that I’m not the only person who was misinformed. “Featuring 17 minutes of exclusive footage” apparently does not mean the same thing to me that it does to the fine folks at Disney; I thought it meant 17 minutes in addition to the feature film.

Alas, I was already invested—sore backside from sitting on concrete floor, 41 miles away from home, Severus on his way over after having left work early—there was no point in leaving without seeing something. So we stayed to watch a 17-minute piece of IMAX-y brilliance.

Okay, maybe ‘brilliance’ is a bit strong but it’s an absolute blast!

The majority of our viewing was a scene where our scoundrels bust out of prison; I’m under the assumption that this scene is early in the film, though probably not the first. We were given only the tiniest bit of background before things kicked up a notch to full-on action. And you know what? It really works. By sheer virtue of the characters’ interactions with one another, you fall in love with them. Minimal groundwork on how they each found themselves in said situation could be beneficial, I guess, but I’d be perfectly content if it all just started there.

My early assessment is that Guardians manages the fine line of being funny without straying into silly territory. Or at least not detrimentally so. I mean, yeah, a CG raccoon and his sidekick (who happens to be a tree) steal the show. But the fact that they’re CG doesn’t seem to hinder things. In addition to being adorable, Rocket is clearly the brains of the operation; Groot is both brawn and heart. Like Gamora, Drax and Star-Lord, they’re all just there being quippy, likable scalawags.

If the rest of the movie is as good as what I saw last night, this one is golden. Absolutely can’t wait for to see the rest!!!