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Dare You to Move

If you’re a fan of good music, you’re familiar with a band of surfers from San Diego called Switchfoot. If you’re not familiar with them, you are obviously not a fan of good music and should make haste in rectifying that.
I, for one, have been a Switchfoot follower since 1997 when I heard a then-fresh, new song called Chem 6A. In retrospect, it’s a fun little ditty but ‘we were just kids…in the fever of our youth’; that first release is musically and lyrically worlds away from the epic, Grammy-winning tunes of the last several years. Seriously, listen to the Hello Hurricane or Vice Verses albums and try not to love them.

Switchfoot made a stop in KC back on September 21 during the first leg of their Fading West tour. We were there with (proverbial) bells on and loved every second of the show. So much, in fact, that we bought tickets when the Springfield MO seating went on sale. Fast forward two months to last Thursday—we played hooky, packed up the car and headed south to sit front row.

This tour featured a VIP Experience wherein you could meet the band for a photo-op and get some signed swag. For $35/person, it was tempting but we had other plans. Rather than head directly to our hotel after the show, we waited outside behind the venue with a couple dozen college students in sub-freezing temperatures (for real, it was only about 28°F).
I learned two things that night: 1) the difference between people in their early/mid 30s and people in their early 20s is far more distinct than I would have imagined when I was on the younger side of that spectrum; 2) wintry weather is considerably better in theory than in practice.

Some 90 minutes after the last encore, we had our first band encounter. Jerome Fontamillas snuck out of a back door virtually unnoticed until he passed by Severus, who calmly said, “Good show.” To which he replied, “Hey thanks, man,” before being swarmed by aforementioned college kids.

Shortly thereafter, Chad Butler came out to visit. After the initial frenzy died down, he made the rounds to everyone who was standing outside. Chad’s a super nice guy who asked our names and chatted for a little bit; I tend to think he hung around by us a bit longer because we played it cool and looked relatively uninterested. Being aloof has its benefits sometimes.

Sadly, I have no photographic evidence of having met Chad or Jerome. And because Internet rules apply here (“Pics or it didn’t happen”), you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I did, however, manage to get a picture when one Mr. Jon Foreman made his way into the chilly post-midnight air. IMG_8531
And with that, I cross off another goal for the year: meeting someone famous. It wasn’t Reedus or Cavill but I’m perfectly happy with Foreman, arguably one of the best musicians of my generation.

I’ll post concert photos before week’s end.


Goals Update

As you may recall, I’ve been working my way through some goals for the year. Here’s where we stand 4 months into 30. I’ve been making some progress!

30 by Through 30checklist

  • Make at least 20 recipes from Pinterest
  • Successfully ice a cake using homemade fondant
  • Visit a farmer’s market
  • Use my apron patterns to make cute, retro aprons
  • Work down to my goal weight (need to lose about 25 35 pounds)
  • Watch the Lord of the Rings movies (Not gonna lie; they’re not my favorites)
  • Attend a geek convention, preferably as part of a paid work assignment
  • Read all 7 Harry Potter books (barely treading water on book 4)
  • Attend a marathon of the Twilight films before the last one releases (I watched a couple each night at home leading up to it, that counts)
  • Run a 5K (I’ve participated in a 5K now but only ran about half; I’m planning another attempt this fall)
  • Meet a famous person (and please let it be Norman Reedus! Or Henry Cavill!)
  • Go to Disney World
  • Enter a contest (something competitive, not just a prize drawing)
  • Move into a new house
  • Plant a garden (pictures coming soon)
  • Take a flying lesson (my parents bought me one for my 29th birthday)
  • Finish my Star Wars room
  • Grow back my eyebrows completely
  • Hike in a national park
  • Pay off a credit card balance
  • Meet a real-life elephant (close enough to touch it, not just take a picture)
  • Zip line (6.22.13 LOVED it!)
  • Eat at a new restaurant/order something that I wouldn’t ordinarily
  • Volunteer for a charity event
  • Refurbish a piece of furniture
  • Get the Stormtrooper tattoo I really like
  • Make a King’s Cake for next Epiphany (missed it again this year)
  • Take a picture every day for a month and blog it
  • Wear the same article of clothing to work every day for a week
  • Have new family photos taken
  • Play my trumpet in a small ensemble at church
  • Try shooting a gun
  • Blog a day-in-my-life photo tour
  • See more of the Pacific Northwest (I’m thinking Oregon sounds pretty awesome)
  • Make curtains for my kitchen windows
  • Put together a 2,000-piece (or more) puzzle by myself

Finish What You Start

I’m an expert starter. I dream up a project and do a pretty great job of starting to get it off the ground…until I hit a roadblock. Any roadblock. Lack of resources, frustration when technique doesn’t proceed as smoothly as imagined, sleepiness, whatever. Said projects typically find themselves abandoned and half done (or less), because I’m also an expert neglecter.

When I decided to run a 5k, I held very little hope that it would actually happen. My initial training lasted only a couple of weeks before my knees balked, and I began to feel like another grand idea would die on my watch—physical pain is a veritable end-all for me. And then a mid-Spring miracle happened: I didn’t give up. Nay! I decided to suck it up and follow through with the 5k even though I knew I couldn’t actually run the whole thing.

So last Saturday morning, Severus and I dragged ourselves out of bed at an ungodly hour and strapped on our running shoes. With sleep in our eyes, we ventured to Sporting Park (home of my beloved Sporting KC soccer club) about an hour away for the ScoutStrong Challenge.

I was a little intimidated at first; there were some very toned, beautiful people in our midst. When it came time to run, though, I didn’t think about those people. It didn’t matter that I look like Kermit the Frog when I run or that my thighs rub together…I was still lapping everyone who was at home in bed or sitting on the couch (typical Saturday-morning me).
We ran like we had never run before. Okay, I ran like I had never run before—Severus ran track and cross country in high school some years ago, and his adult years have been kinder than have mine. Anyway, I ran almost a full half mile before I needed to walk a little. Yes, I realize that’s more than a little pathetic but I’m working up to it. We’re just now beginning week 4 of the C25K training app, so it’s all relative. Baby steps.

In all, we actually ran about half of the race, finishing in well under an hour and ahead of some 150 other participants. Honestly, I probably made us walk more than was necessary. Most importantly, we set a time that we’ll definitely beat when we do our next 5k in a few months. I never thought I’d be excited about running, but accomplishment feels pretty darn good!

My fancy finisher's medal

My fancy finisher’s medal

Take It on the Run

Is it just me or is 30 hard? I’m beginning to think there’s a “better if used by age 29” stamp somewhere on my body.
week 3 day 1Just two and a half months removed from my milestone birthday, I’ve already experienced more medical challenges than just about any time prior. In addition to two eye infections (first ones ever!) during said time frame, my knees have decided they don’t want to play nice anymore. And as luck would have it, the knee pain started within 48 hours of registering for my first 5k, the Scout Strong Challenge…which takes place in just 11 days.

Last week proved harrowing; though I did some ellipticizing and plenty of walking, jogging for more than a few seconds at a time was out of the question. Seems my joints weren’t quite prepared to handle the stress from my ‘bonus’ weight pounding down on them, resulting in a pesky bout of runner’s knee. And while I love Nike with the passion of at least a hundred burning suns—heck, maybe even more! my goal is to work there when we move to Oregon one day—my Shox weren’t doing me any favors.
After consulting with the pros at Gary Gribble’s Running Sports (ninja plug), I bought a solid pair of runners to support my over-pronation and am slowly working back up to speed.

Completed Week 3, Day 1 of C25K last night. And no crying!

If you want to have some classic REO Speedwagon stuck in your head…Take It on the Run.

Don’t Kill Me Yet

I started running last week, and I reeeeaaallllyyyy wanted to die. Here’s a reminder of what that looked like: Kill Me Now.

Well, today marks Week 2, Day 2 of my C25K program…and I still want to die. But not “reeeeaaallllyyyy.”
The training has gone from alternating 60-sec running/90-sec walking to alternating 90-sec running/120-sec walking for a total of 20 minutes (with 5-min walking both before and after).week 2

I’m not going to lie, the first 90 seconds of running on Tuesday was a total witch. After what seemed like entirely too long, I began to wonder if maybe the timer had stopped working. Panic crept in, the same as when I try the little blood-pressure cuff machines at Wal-Mart and they don’t release my arm as quickly as I think they should. Or when the elevator stops but the doors don’t open. I’m sure there’s a named phobia for this; I can’t be the only one.

Then, finally, all of my toil pays off with the sound of a little chime. A little chime that holds within it deep magic—the power to bring relief and restore sanity. My intellect now rivals that of Pavlov’s dogs.

I’ll be running again in just a few hours, and I feel ready.
In fact, I’m almost eager.

I still dislike running. Running still dislikes me. But I relish the idea of being strong, so I’m not going down without a fight.