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I’m fortunate to work with a lot of geeks. I never expected there could be such a concentration of us in one company apart from toy manufacturers or possibly IT departments and comic book shops. But here at Hallmark, we are many and we are wonderful.

A tiny subset of us has formed a weekly lunch group wherein we discuss all matter of geekery. We utilize liberal quantities of geeky idioms and quotes in our conversations; I think at times it must seem like we’re speaking a different language. Below are some of my favorites—I’ve provided context/translation and source where appropriate.

They’re jamming our signal
One of us probably has bad cell phone reception

I’ll need to turn on my cloaking device
I don’t want to be seen

I’m brainsquashed
Experiencing writer’s block or having trouble speaking

Make the jump to light speed (also Jump to hyperspace) 
Get the heck out of here / Star Wars

Take the silvers (also Take the silver stags)
Don’t leave the quarters or nickels / Game of Thrones

A Lannister always pays his debts
What goes around comes around / Game of Thrones

Use the pointy end
Don’t be stupid (also Do it right) / Game of Thrones

Grab your proton pack
Bring your stuff / Ghostbusters

Look at the size of that thing! (also That’s one big Twinkie!)
This is usually in reference to a slice of Costco pizza / Star Wars (also Ghostbusters)

I have a bad feeling about this
I have a bad feeling about this / Star Wars / Indiana Jones

You shall not pass
Nope, not happening / Lord of the Rings

A little too Raph
Not my style / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I volunteer as tribute!
I’ll do it / Hunger Games

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle
G.I. Joe

I understood that reference!
I get it! / Captain America (Steve Rogers) in the Avengers
: I forgot a couple…

May the odds be ever in your favor
Hunger Games

So say we all
Battlestar Galactica

It is known
Game of Thrones

Do you have any favorite geekspeak phrases?
I’d love to hear them so I can incorporate into my own lexicon.


Into Darkness

I have a treat for you today—another movie review!trek pass

Last night I attended a screening* of Star Trek Into Darkness. Not knowing much Trek legacy, I’m not sure what is considered a real spoiler at this point so I’ll keep it a bit vague. I no doubt missed a lot of references that the true enthusiasts relished, but I did catch more than expected; lots of proud Steve Rogers moments for me 🙂

For starters, let me say that the Abrams factor makes me ridiculously excited for the reincarnation of Star Wars. I’ve waffled on it a bit in the not-so-distant past. As of last night, though, I waffle no more. Aside from the WAY overdone lens flare this time around—really, it’s borderline distracting—J.J. put together a fantastic piece of eye candy.

Casting is literally perfect; I can’t attest to the authenticity versus canon, but I buy each and every one of these actors in their roles. The Enterprise crew’s banter and relationships make for a fun dynamic. ‘Fun’ being the operative word, as this is definitely more along the lines of The Avengers than Skyfall or Dark Knight. That’s a weak comparison, I realize, but they’ve all got a good deal of action with a little cheese factor so it made sense in my head.

Meanwhile, Benedict Cumberbatch is simply superb as “John Harrison” <wink wink>, yet even his most heinous deeds are tempered with a strange likability. Though we’re teased with the idea of complex motives and history, it’s not sufficiently explored.

Such is my biggest complaint about Into Darkness: it’s ultimately a scratch-the-surface film. It could have been a far richer story of sabotage and betrayal with more overall depth and intensity. Maybe they were afraid of taking it too far in the other direction as with the Star Wars prequels—we didn’t need nearly as much background on the politics of the conflicts. There’s got to be a happy medium.

There are some touching moments (Vulcan tears in 3…2…1…) and plenty of things to make enthusiasts giddy. I can vouch for this, as we heard (and saw) an awful lot of little-girl-like clapter.

Star Trek Into Darkness (Paramount Pictures)

Star Trek Into Darkness (Paramount Pictures)

|Sidebar: laughing begets laughter so clapping should beget clapter!|

Aside from the relatively underutilized plot, there are a few disappointing little things. For instance, we learn that there are still alarm clocks in the future. Not cool.
Oh, and apparently you can detonate an explosive literally right in front of you and survive. Also, the inhabitants of Nibiru resemble Utapauans a bit more than I would have preferred, all chalky and sickly looking. And speaking of Nibiru, could Spock’s sacrifice pose have been any less subtle? <eye roll>

Like the lens flares, there are flashes of splendor, some more radiant than others. Initial reaction was overwhelmingly favorable but given a little distance, I find myself thinking a lot of “What if this had happened? That would have been so cool!”
Alas, such is the recurring ballad of a summer popcorn flick. Bottom line: worth seeing on the big screen? Absolutely!

*If you’re wondering how I keep landing advance screening passes, I’ll share my secrets. So far it has come down to a little bit of luck with radio call-in contests (the one highlight of spending two hours in my car every day) and a fair amount of online legwork. Following movie studios and local media personalities on Twitter, signing up for contests and running multiple Google searches for screenings and gofobo rsvp codes…that’s it.

Involuntary Hoarding

The new year brought with it a new job! While the majority of my professional life has been spent editing the writing put forth by others, my newest challenge is getting paid to come up with my own. That’s right, friends, I’m officially a writer now. It may be hard to imagine based on the oft-times mediocre quality of this blog but don’t laugh, Hallmark Cards knows a thing or two about writers. It’s legit, I assure you.

hoarding catalogs

You can own Avengers art like mine…

Lest ye think I have stumbled into the most glamorous of occupations, I submit the following evidence.

Catalogs dating back to 1998. That I get to sort through. And they’re all out of order. And there are more in the file cabinet drawers that you can’t see in this photo. And I’m told they need to stay within the confines of my cubular space—isn’t that an awesome new term?!—so that I can refer back to them. Which I will probably never do for those older than 2010.

Good times at the card factory.

Confirmed Case

I’ve known for quite some time that there is something different about me. Not “wrong,” perhaps, but slightly amiss for a woman on the cusp of her thirties.

Friends, it’s time to familiarize yourself with a condition known as Little Old Woman Syndrome (LOWS). Optimally, this affliction does not manifest until midlife, but we can’t all be so lucky.

There may be physical symptoms—a spot of arthritis here, a random chin hair there, the occasional bout of dementia—though the more prominent indications are behavioral.

If you can relate to any of these, you may be suffering from LOWS:

  • Pesky kids playing on your lawn? Send the vicious-sounding dogs outside to scare them away. Works like a charm.
  • PBS airs The Lawrence Welk Show at 5pm on Saturday nights; you know because you tune in regularly.
  • You’re asleep on the couch before seeing the weather forecast on the ten o’clock news.
  • You find the musical stylings of Glenn Miller and Bing Crosby more appealing than those of the Biebs or Ke$ha. (okay, okay, some of the time)

Some days I wish I was more “hip” like others in my peer group. Mostly, though, I appreciate my case of LOWS because it’s like keeping a foot in my grandmother’s world while appreciating mine. Some people are bicultural due to their ethnicity; I prefer to think that I’m bicultural in a generational sense. And besides, I manage pretty well. I don’t yet smell like mothballs, and I get all the pop-culture references that Captain America misses. I can appreciate the classics as well as newfangled trash fraught with sparkly vampires.

I’ll decline treatment for my LOWS…but I wouldn’t mind finding a support group.