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Gripes, Likes & Theories: Batman v Superman

Now that the film is in wide release, I can ignore the advance-screening plea from Zack Snyder not to spoil anything. So be warned, SPOILERS FOLLOW.

As I mentioned before, I went into BvS with super low expectations and liked it pretty well. For me it boiled down to something like Thor: Dark World or Avengers: AoU—not bad to watch once or twice but generally lackluster and forgettable. I also didn’t find it as grim and gritty as everyone is complaining. I mean, yeah, it’s dark but no more than roughly half of everything else that’s come out in cinema over the last decade, including the Nolan trilogy that everyone seems to love (I don’t find it holds up as much more than “meh”).

Biggest misses for me:
1) Batman just gave up his fight because Superman’s mom happened to have the same name?! For the love of Martha, that was some seriously weak writing.
2) Superman’s death lacked ‘gravity’—I don’t think anyone in our screening believed for one minute that he would stay dead. Moreover, I don’t think anyone would have bought into it even had we not all experienced the media hoopla that surrounded the event when it happened in the comics back in the early ’90s. It felt so very emotionally empty and not the least bit cliffhanger-y, which I found incredibly disappointing.
2b) Speaking of media hoopla…SO. MANY. CAMEOS. (I know I already mentioned this before, but it really bothered me.)
3) Lex creating Doomsday inside the Kryptonian ship. I thought it was clever that he cut off Zod’s fingerprints to gain access but otherwise hated the entire scene.
3b) Doomsday was like a bad mashup of Hulk, every Spider-Man movie villain and Hunger Games mutts.
4) Teasers for Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg lacked excitement and depth.
5) Amy Adams. Always Amy Adams.
6) Underutilized Wonder Woman.

I’ll reiterate that I’m genuinely excited for the standalone WW movie now. I wish she hadn’t looked so much like part of the Kardashian klan but Gadot played the fight scenes like she could be a legitimately strong warrior. Expectations shattered.

Still, my favorite part of the movie was spotting TK-421 on Lex Luthor’s prison uniform.

ALSO, I have a BvS/Walking Dead fan theory!
Maggie is Bruce Wayne’s mom, which means that TWD clearly happened in the past…and Maggie either cheated on Glenn or lost that baby and had another later with Mr. Wayne. The “metahumans” are clearly an evolutionary result of surviving the zombie apocalypse. Tell me your mind isn’t blown right now.



4 responses

  1. i DID see “TK” on his suit, but not the 421. I think it said 16-TK and then I couldn’t see the rest. Are you sure it said TK-421?

    And I agree with most everything you said. Except I like Amy Adams as Lois. However, I think she wasn’t used to the best of her possibilities here.

    They tried too hard to cram so much into this movie. I did enjoy it; it’s entertaining as heck, but just so much all at once. They’re literally rushing to get to a Justice League movie, whereas I feel like Marvel mapped it all out so much more thoughtfully by having four movies precede an Avengers movie. This was like 3 or 4 movies in one.

    Plus I kinda wanted more Superman, and didn’t like him being vilified. That was tough to take in at times.

    3.25.2016 at 1:25 pm

    • I’m with you—it felt like they tried to cram in way too much for one movie! So many underdeveloped plots going on, disrupted the flow and weakened what was there. Also would have loved to see another standalone Superman flick before this one. I love Henry Cavill as Superman and it would’ve been nice to see his character develop a bit from the conflicted hero that he was the first time around. But no.
      And yep, I’m 100% positive it said 16-TK-421 🙂

      3.25.2016 at 8:32 pm

  2. Not interested in this movie at all…but interested in the WW movie!! And what do you mean TK-421 on the prison uniform? Was that his prison number? My husband (whom you met, crazy!) actually has me in his phone as “Wifey TK-421” lol.

    3.25.2016 at 2:31 pm

    • Lex Luthor ends up in prison by the film’s conclusion, and the inmate number on his uniform says 16-TK-421. Even better that it’s your contact nickname!

      3.25.2016 at 8:34 pm

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