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Howdy, Strangers!

A lot has happened since I last posted. First, the hard drive on my MacBook decided to die; fortunately, I rescued my files by creating a mirror image of the drive on an external hard drive. So all is not lost, and I’ll have a new HD installed sooner or later.

My mom and I took a trip to Oregon last week (pics coming when I have my laptop again). It was lovely, of course, but I was saddened to see how dry things have gotten. Here’s hoping for a precipitous autumn and winter in the PNW.

stormAlso over the last couple of weeks our 12-year-old vampire kitty has been under the weather. After a couple of trips to the veterinarian’s office and blood tests, we’re not any closer to knowing what’s wrong. Poor girl has been very lethargic and shows no interest in food or playing… though I have gotten in some good snuggles. If you’d be willing to send up a little prayer for Storm, we’d appreciate it. She’s a mean little cuss but we love her terribly in spite of herself, and it’s hard to see her suffer.

Happy Friday to all, and to all a good night.


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