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Why I’m Not Doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

Unless you’ve been completely unplugged from all media for the last few weeks, you’re familiar with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge campaign. And in the off chance you have just resurfaced and are unfamiliar, welcome back! The ‘challenge’ is to dump ice water on yourself and donate money to support ALS research charities, or don’t do the ice water and donate more money to make up for not embarrassing yourself.

It’s a clever campaign, I guess. It’s simple enough that anyone can do it, the basic premise is one that can be manipulated in a number of creative ways and it capitalizes on humanity’s apparent desire to plaster their likenesses on the internet for the world to see. Plus, it gives us another way to emulate celebrities (“they’re just like us!”).

I tried to fly under the radar by neglecting to like or comment on others’ videos, but it finally caught up with me. My rotten cousin ‘nominated’ me to take the challenge this week.

Well, I learned as a little girl that it’s dangerous to have water dumped on you…melting and whatnot. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

In lieu of ice water, I have made donations to 2 causes: Team Gleason for ALS and the Africa Oasis Project, an initiative to provide clean water to drought- and poverty-stricken areas across Africa. In most cases, we are blessed with ample access to water—this ice bucket challenge thing would be a lot less successful with buckets of hot, dry dirt. Africa, though, has the lowest coverage of water supply and sanitation services in the world.

Please consider supporting a cause or two, and feel free to take an ice bath if you really want to.


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