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The Walking Dead

Look at the flowers…

Did you guys watch last night’s episode of The Walking Dead? Because oh. my. gosh!
There have only been a handful of scenes out of 4 seasons that have rendered me literally speechless, mouth agape. Two of those moments were last night.

Here’s a recap of my tweets during the show—read from the bottom up. I’ve learned my lesson: never again will I say someone “is a breath of fresh air.”
In fact, let me say right now that Daryl is totally NOT a breath of fresh air. You hear me, TWD creators? Daryl smells like cow manure and dead squirrels, so you might as well keep him around.

I’d love to hear what you thought about this latest episode, or share any of your “holy monkeys!” moments over the course of the show. The comments section is always open.
You can also read all of my tweets to the right of each blog post; I’m most active on Sunday nights during premiere episodes of TWD. Feel free to follow on Twitter and join me for ongoing discussion. Only 2 episodes left this season!



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