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The Arrival

It’s now a month past our latest West Coast adventure, and I’ve finally winnowed down the photos—there’s a lot to see when you traverse more than 1,500 miles in 6 days!
This is the first in a series of posts reliving our trip. Later installments will explore The 101 (Pacific Coast Hwy. not Dalmatians), The Lake and The Forest Moon. My gallery share site has been updated so you can peek ahead at the photos if you’d like.

* * *

We flew into Portland the evening of Friday, Feb. 7, in the midst of a winter storm. Snow & Darkness
What the greater PDX metropolitan area possesses in beauty, it sorely lacks in winter-weather response skills. Roads boasted varying degrees of atrocity, but we mustered our midwest gumption and continued on towards the coast…in a rented Altima that was roughly as prepared for the conditions as were road crews.

The drive from Portland International Airport to Lincoln City is an easy 2 hours with average weather conditions. Our harrowing trek clocked in at just over 4 hours, during which we saw 8 ambulances and one lone snow plow. There was almost no other traffic to speak of along state highway 18; in fact, I worried at times that we might be the only people left on earth.

Every restaurant we passed had closed early due to the storm. We eventually found an open Albertson’s supermarket that provided our “supper”—protein bars and beef jerky. Because I like you all, I’m going to share our revelation: the hickory smoked flavor of Essential Everyday branded jerky is downright delicious. So much so, in fact, that we visited another Albertson’s location a few days later to buy 2 more bags to bring home with us! Glad I did since it looks like the nearest distributor is about 3.5 hours away from home.

At 12:30 in the morning (2:30am by our internal body clocks), we finally arrived at the Pelican Shores Inn in Lincoln City. Our modest yet comfortable oceanfront room featured a box fan which, in my opinion, is basically the best amenity any hotel room can boast.

Physically weary and psychologically spent, we slept soundly and awoke after several hours with a sense of anticipation not unlike that of Christmas morning*. We excitedly pulled back the curtains to reveal the majestic Pacific…and cold, drizzly rain beating down on the blanket of snow that covered the beach. Shivering SeagullRain aside, it was a glorious sight. I don’t imagine I’ll witness a snowy seashore too many times in my life.

*I hear Christmas morning is a pretty big deal for most kids. My parents can attest I’ve always been one of the oddball people who actually has to be coaxed out of bed instead of waking up at the crack of dawn to open presents. The way I see it, this is evidence of brilliance; I know that the presents aren’t going anywhere so I might as well get my sleep. “Having your cake and eating it, too.” And y’all know how much I love cake!

After repacking and grabbing a quick bite to eat, we hopped back on the 101 to continue our journey south. Unsure of what we might find, we prayed for safe travels and hoped for a glimpse
of sunshine.
We found all that and so much more!


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