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Leave No Doubt

Last night’s game was really SUPER, especially for Seahawks fans like myself. Seattle’s social media machine was running the tag “Leave No Doubt” and I’d say the team delivered on that. We’ll pretend like my football brownies and apparel helped clinch it—that’s the power of the 12th Man, y’all.

You, too, can make football brownies. All you need is a brownie mix (baked according to box in an 11×7 pan), a football-shaped cookie cutter and a squeezy tube of white icing. Easy, festive, yummy.

sb brownies

{brownies…teams from WA & CO…bahaha}


One response

  1. Wow, what a game! They were running circles around the Broncos. Definitely left no doubt. They went in there and delivered, simple as that. They made it look like Peyton Manning had never played a football game before, much less one in the Superbowl. Go Seahawks.

    2.3.2014 at 10:40 am

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