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Fast-Food Withdrawal

Confession Time (again)…
I don’t cook very often. While I enjoy cooking, in theory anyway, I don’t particularly care for the resultant dishwashing that must be done and smells that linger in the house. Consequently, Severus and I eat out. A lot. I know it’s not an especially healthy lifestyle—for either our bodies or our bank account—but that’s the way it goes. Old habits dying hard and all that.

Or at least that’s the way it went until a few weeks ago. The oppressive summer heat squashed what little running routine I had established, so my weight-loss initiative morphed into a diet. Not so much a “never eat <insert yummy food>” diet, but a “log those calories and make better decisions” diet. has been a huge help over the last 2 weeks—I’m down just over 4 pounds!

Adjusting to the less-fast-food lifestyle is also good preparation for our upcoming trip to Washington…

Many travelers enjoy sampling the “local flavor” while on vacation. We are not those people. We want things that are tried and true, establishments where we can dine without wondering what kind of atmosphere we might be entering.
Consequently, we found ourselves puzzled by the discovery that there are relatively few national chain restaurants (quick-serve or sit-down) along the PNW Coastline.

We got our first taste of this, so to speak, during our maiden voyage to Washington in February 2012. Our stop in Port Angeles yielded a meal at Jack in the Box, a place we never patronize, due to the relative lack of other options. We passed a Subway—albeit one that was merged with a gas station/convenience store—in Forks. And as we drove south on the 101 towards Quinault…nothing. And once we got to Quinault…nothing. Not even a McD’s. When we finally arrived at Lake Quinault Lodge, we were absolutely famished. Fortunately, the Roosevelt Dining Room on-site was still open; our dinner was as delicious as it was expensive. The next day, we drove an hour to the nearest Wal-Mart…which just happened to have a Dairy Queen in the parking lot. Success!

Like its neighboring state, the northern Oregon Coast is a veritable wasteland for people who crave fast food of the national chain variety. There were a few more places than our coastal Washington finds but Midwesterners beware, it’s not like it is here. Every podunk town in the midwest has a McDonald’s, Sonic or Hardee’s (y’all West Coast people might know it better as Carl’s Jr.). You’d think that with all of the potential for outdoor activity there, people could afford to down a few junky meals now and again.

Do the chain-free areas have a nicer aesthetic with the relative lack of big signs and squawk-box ordering devices? Of course, but aesthetics don’t clog my arteries and insulate my belly.

And that’s not such a bad thing. Here’s to healthier eating!

creeping towards my goal weight

creeping towards my goal weight


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