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Little White Lies

My iPod takes a morning nap during my commute—I’d like to be napping then, too, but that seems altogether unfavorable.

Fortunately, our local “hit music” station’s morning show does a fine job of keeping me awake. The deejays are funny without trying too hard, they mix in a fair amount of music and I’ve won advance-screening passes from them on several occasions. I guess you can buy my loyalty.

Once or twice a day, they open up the phone lines to get responses on random topics. Though the callers are usually morons, they stumble across call-in gold every so often. My favorite was last week when they asked about little white lies that parents have told their kids.

Generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of hearing about people’s kids. I totally understand why they’re a popular topic but…well, it gets old. Nevertheless, I can totally appreciate the kid-talk when it makes me laugh.

discoodoni via Flickr

discoodoni via Flickr

“When my kids see the ice cream truck and get excited, I tell them that if the music’s playing it means they’re all out of ice cream.”

“The first time the ice cream truck drove by, I told my son that it was the music man. He just drives around playing music and the pictures on the side are because ice cream makes people happy.”

“My little girl noticed Chuck E. Cheese when we drove by, and I told her it was broken so we couldn’t go. Chuck E. Cheese was ‘broken’ for about two years.”

“I tell my kids that their tongue will fall off if they say bad words.”

What are some funny fibs that you’ve told your kids?


One response

  1. Hmmm. I know I’ve told some little gems, but I caught myself today telling him he had to hold my hand in the parking lot because cars look for little boys to run over. LOL I said it sarcastically and I don’t even really think he was listening to me. haha

    7.4.2013 at 10:05 pm

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