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One Step Closer

Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to take a “free” half-day off from work as part of my company’s Creative Division Refuel campaign. Big kudos to the people who crafted this brilliant idea! We have little pop-up Refuel events on-site from time to time—popcorn and lemonade, a cookie buffet, root beer floats—but being able to rejuvenate in whatever way we saw fit…simply fantastic.

I chose to spend the extra time at home. After a quick power nap, I set out to conquer my Star Wars room. While I did not emerge the victor, I did make some decent progress. Everything was first moved to one side of the room so we could stabilize one of my three floating shelves. It would probably have been all right, but the wobble factor had me a little concerned.
In addition to the floating shelves, the remaining bookcase units were settled into place. Aside from the pegboard in the walk-in closet (on which I’ll mount the mid-90s carded figures), all of my display venues are installed; no more excuses for not getting things done.

The lowest of the floating shelves is almost in order. It’s the speeder bike shrine with my Gentle Giant statue, McQuarrie print/film cell,  DiBiase originals and a battalion of mounted troopers. Only a little tweaking needed before I’m satisfied with it.
The middle shelf is dedicated to Stormtroopers and Lord Vader. It remains a work in progress, as does the top shelf which honors other original trilogy characters.

I’ll be working on the room again this evening so will hopefully have more progress to show. For now, I leave you with this.


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  1. Where’s the “love” button on this blog?? 😉

    6.27.2013 at 12:29 pm

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