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King of the Jungle

I have a brand-new indoor wading pool, and it’s a magical one! A mere 24 hours ago, it was an average basement. Oy.
Since I’m tending to the flood today, you’re stuck with a “This Day in History” entry that I journaled back on 5.31.11. Lest ye think working for a greeting card manufacturer is all glitz and glamor—you do think that, right?!—I offer the following from my time as a senior proofreader.

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Imagine reviewing a Lion King thank-you card. First you look at the cover design and are immediately struck by the thought that you might have owned this exact same card some 17 years ago. Aww, little Simba’s still cute!

Then you flip to the inside and read the sentiment, carefully studying spelling and punctuation:

…a jungle-sized thank you!

Wait a second! you think. Lions don’t live in jungles, do they? Tigers live in jungles. Probably. But I know my Disney movies, and that was not set in a jungle…Tarzan and The Jungle Book, yes. The Lion King, no. I’m pretty sure they were in the Sahara. Hmmm, no,
that’s not right either. It was on the savanna.
Or was it the Serengeti? Are they the same thing?

Enter Google.

Lessons Learned
  1. It is possible to put entirely too much thought into proofreading a thank-you card. This sku has run before, it’s all spelled right, you don’t really want to argue this point with the other editors—just approve the card!
  2. Google is not especially helpful when you’ve entered the phrase, “Why is the lion the king of the jungle?”  It’s not helpful, but it is somewhat interesting. You’ll find people who think it’s a misnomer, people who think it’s referring to a figurative jungle, even some conspiracy theorists who think it’s all a ploy to steal attention away from the majestic tiger. {I agree with the misnomer notion, think the ‘figurative jungle’ people have too much time on their hands, and chant a rousing Rock Chalk Jayhawk in the face of the ‘tigers rule’ folks}
  3. I might want to become one of the trolling people who do nothing but opine on WikiAnswers and Yahoo!Answers all day. Providing amateur input for random people (like those searching for jungle-vs-savanna evidence) to read as fact? Yes, please! As long as you’re not afraid of taking some minimal “you idiot!” feedback, you’ve got nothing to lose. Heck of a deal.

What do you think?

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