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Finish What You Start

I’m an expert starter. I dream up a project and do a pretty great job of starting to get it off the ground…until I hit a roadblock. Any roadblock. Lack of resources, frustration when technique doesn’t proceed as smoothly as imagined, sleepiness, whatever. Said projects typically find themselves abandoned and half done (or less), because I’m also an expert neglecter.

When I decided to run a 5k, I held very little hope that it would actually happen. My initial training lasted only a couple of weeks before my knees balked, and I began to feel like another grand idea would die on my watch—physical pain is a veritable end-all for me. And then a mid-Spring miracle happened: I didn’t give up. Nay! I decided to suck it up and follow through with the 5k even though I knew I couldn’t actually run the whole thing.

So last Saturday morning, Severus and I dragged ourselves out of bed at an ungodly hour and strapped on our running shoes. With sleep in our eyes, we ventured to Sporting Park (home of my beloved Sporting KC soccer club) about an hour away for the ScoutStrong Challenge.

I was a little intimidated at first; there were some very toned, beautiful people in our midst. When it came time to run, though, I didn’t think about those people. It didn’t matter that I look like Kermit the Frog when I run or that my thighs rub together…I was still lapping everyone who was at home in bed or sitting on the couch (typical Saturday-morning me).
We ran like we had never run before. Okay, I ran like I had never run before—Severus ran track and cross country in high school some years ago, and his adult years have been kinder than have mine. Anyway, I ran almost a full half mile before I needed to walk a little. Yes, I realize that’s more than a little pathetic but I’m working up to it. We’re just now beginning week 4 of the C25K training app, so it’s all relative. Baby steps.

In all, we actually ran about half of the race, finishing in well under an hour and ahead of some 150 other participants. Honestly, I probably made us walk more than was necessary. Most importantly, we set a time that we’ll definitely beat when we do our next 5k in a few months. I never thought I’d be excited about running, but accomplishment feels pretty darn good!

My fancy finisher's medal

My fancy finisher’s medal


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