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Bringin’ The Heat

Like to laugh? Not a little chuckle, not the occasional guffaw, but make-your-cheeks-hurt laughter? Then mark your calendars for June 28, because you’ll want to head to your local multiplex (I guess they still call them that?) to see The Heat.

Last night I attendedthe heat a screening in Jayhawk country—Rock Chalk!
Movies on two consecutive nights challenged my homebody/asocial tendencies; fortunately, the payoff was well worth it. This is one of the few films I’ve seen that is actually better than the trailer would lead you to believe. While I’m typically not wild about Sandra Bullock, team her with Melissa McCarthy and you’ve got serious funny.

Bullock, an arrogant FBI special agent, finds herself working with McCarthy, a crass Boston police officer, to take down a drug ring. The leader of which also happens to be a hardcore murderer. Not that there are un-hardcore murderers, but this one’s particularly heinous.

Though Bullock’s Sarah Ashburn has hubris to spare, she manages to stay a likable character. Probably because McCarthy’s foul-mouthed, hilarious Shannon Mullins teases her incessantly. I wasn’t too familiar with McCarthy prior to this film, but I’m now convinced that she could inspire a wet piece of cardboard to be entertaining. Beyond the main characters, even the bad guys are generally affable. The all-around great chemistry is a pleasure.

There is some moderately gruesome violence and the language alone is enough to warrant the R rating, but this is a flick that doesn’t try to take itself too seriously. As one might expect, it’s fraught with unrealistic situations and some downright dumb moments. I’m giving them a pass.

Ultimately, The Heat is an over-the-top fun romp of political incorrectness and crude, slapstick humor that somehow manages to have a big heart. Do yourself a solid and go see; opens June 28.


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