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Take It on the Run

Is it just me or is 30 hard? I’m beginning to think there’s a “better if used by age 29” stamp somewhere on my body.
week 3 day 1Just two and a half months removed from my milestone birthday, I’ve already experienced more medical challenges than just about any time prior. In addition to two eye infections (first ones ever!) during said time frame, my knees have decided they don’t want to play nice anymore. And as luck would have it, the knee pain started within 48 hours of registering for my first 5k, the Scout Strong Challenge…which takes place in just 11 days.

Last week proved harrowing; though I did some ellipticizing and plenty of walking, jogging for more than a few seconds at a time was out of the question. Seems my joints weren’t quite prepared to handle the stress from my ‘bonus’ weight pounding down on them, resulting in a pesky bout of runner’s knee. And while I love Nike with the passion of at least a hundred burning suns—heck, maybe even more! my goal is to work there when we move to Oregon one day—my Shox weren’t doing me any favors.
After consulting with the pros at Gary Gribble’s Running Sports (ninja plug), I bought a solid pair of runners to support my over-pronation and am slowly working back up to speed.

Completed Week 3, Day 1 of C25K last night. And no crying!

If you want to have some classic REO Speedwagon stuck in your head…Take It on the Run.


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