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Don’t Kill Me Yet

I started running last week, and I reeeeaaallllyyyy wanted to die. Here’s a reminder of what that looked like: Kill Me Now.

Well, today marks Week 2, Day 2 of my C25K program…and I still want to die. But not “reeeeaaallllyyyy.”
The training has gone from alternating 60-sec running/90-sec walking to alternating 90-sec running/120-sec walking for a total of 20 minutes (with 5-min walking both before and after).week 2

I’m not going to lie, the first 90 seconds of running on Tuesday was a total witch. After what seemed like entirely too long, I began to wonder if maybe the timer had stopped working. Panic crept in, the same as when I try the little blood-pressure cuff machines at Wal-Mart and they don’t release my arm as quickly as I think they should. Or when the elevator stops but the doors don’t open. I’m sure there’s a named phobia for this; I can’t be the only one.

Then, finally, all of my toil pays off with the sound of a little chime. A little chime that holds within it deep magic—the power to bring relief and restore sanity. My intellect now rivals that of Pavlov’s dogs.

I’ll be running again in just a few hours, and I feel ready.
In fact, I’m almost eager.

I still dislike running. Running still dislikes me. But I relish the idea of being strong, so I’m not going down without a fight.


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