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TWD Rant

I haven’t had the chance yet to read what other viewers thought of last night’s season finale of The Walking Dead. I can only assume I’m not the only unsatisfied customer, so I’ll lodge my formal complaint here.

{If you haven’t watched any of the last few episodes, stop reading now or risk spoilers}

Given the culmination of a few amazing moments this season* and AMC’s social media hyping the fact that 27 people would die, I found myself pretty amped about the finale. And in the beginning, it seemed like it would deliver. Tensions ran high, suspense built to a frenzy…and soon we were already halfway through with virtually no crucial developments.
Much like a maddening chunk of season 3 (particularly after the mid-season hiatus), the real story is that there was no significant advancement of the story arc. No “shock and awe,” just the unfulfilled promise thereof.

(thanks, Pinterest)

(thanks, Pinterest)

We’ve known for weeks now that Woodbury planned to attack the prison. When the time finally came, it felt wholly uninspired. Since we were led to believe Rick’s crew had already disembarked before they finally (though just barely) engaged the enemy, there was a definite lack of urgency. I thought for sure something would happen after Maggie and Glenn began celebrating (“We did it!”), because it felt a bit premature. But no.

Did we really expect any less from the Governor after the retreat?? He gunned down a lot of people to whom we had absolutely no attachment, which doesn’t exactly make for compelling television. The little parallel between Carl and the Governor killing in cold blood had some nice potential but I, for one, found Carl’s rationale bordering on reasonable. I’m clearly not as gracious as Hershel.

‘Liberating’ people from Woodbury is all fine and good except that now there are that many more mouths to feed. Seems like it would’ve made more sense to take over Woodbury rather than bring them back to the prison, unless they’re planning to go back and take all of the food and supplies. One could argue that it bolsters the prison’s numbers; I’m not sure those extra numbers will be much help since they all looked like children and the elderly. Maybe we’re supposed to take that and the MIA Governor as tidbits to chew on in preparation for next season. I’m already feeling malnourished.

Honestly, Andrea’s death was the highlight of the episode. Even so, I’m not sure I would’ve cared much at all had it not been for the twist of good-guy Milton turning into a Walker. Perhaps her plight might have elicited more emotion had she not been so wishy-washy all season. Le sigh.

I’m glad that Rick, Daryl and Michonne survived. I’m pretty good with the idea of Carl turning into the new Shane, since he’s finally almost as interesting as he is annoying.
But mostly, I’m just disappointed in the lackluster finale.

*The aforementioned events that made me very happy…
+ The prison setting gave the season a menacing, enthralling vibe.

+ Lori is gone. And her son had to shoot her. And she got eaten. Epic demise!
Yes, Jedi Ghost Lori still haunts Rick, but I can deal with her in small doses.

+ T-Dog’s self-sacrifice for Carol told us more about his character than did the sum of the last two seasons.

+ Michonne has finally evolved into a likable character. One of my favorite moments came as she helped Carl get the picture from the cafe and pilfered that God-awful cat statue.

+ I loved everything about the scene where Daryl and Merle saved the transient family that was being attacked by Walkers on the bridge. Literally, everything.

+ The “Walker bomb” delivery truck attack, courtesy of the Governor, was flat-out genius.

+ Morgan reappeared, bringing with him the sorrowful tale of Duane’s death at the hands of his Walker mom. So many feels!

+ And last week’s episode oozed with fantastic. I mean, we saw a Walker get decapitated by wire, Merle ultimately redeemed himself and Daryl’s mourning was raw and riveting.


What do you think?

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