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False Advertising

Anyone who has seen me recently knows that I’m fighting some sort of yuckiness in my eyes—it’s been raging a little over a month now, all red and creepy looking. I visited my physician and got some drops that have yet to help too much, so my next logical step was an appointment with the opthamologist.

Or that’s what it should have been. But as we all know, humans make illogical decisions.

Instead, I consulted a friend who is currently being treated for a corneal ulcer. Her specialist ordered a regimen of ibuprofen (unusually high doses for just a couple of days), the same prescription eye drops I have and a daily eye-wash with baby shampoo while showering. Sounds easy enough, right?

Wrong. So very wrong.

I have the utmost respect for Johnson & Johnson as a company, but my initial experience with the baby shampoo was not good. The packaging boasts outright lies. LIES, I tell you!

(Google Image search)

(Google Image search)

“no more tears…as gentle to eyes as pure water”

Um, I call bull-to-the-shizzle. I had tears. Lots of ’em.
And I’m a freakin’ grown-up.

I was glad to learn, though, that the water coming from my showerhead is apparently impure because it’s waaaaaay more gentle than the shampoo. Seriously, if that’s what pure water feels like when it gets in your eyes, I never want pure water. Ever.

To be fair, I obviously wasn’t using the product for its intended use. But still, babies no doubt get this stuff in their eyes sometimes, and they don’t have the luxury of understanding why they’re feeling pain. If you have little ones, give it a shot yourself and see what you think; I guarantee you’ll be more careful at bath time.

I’d say it was an eye-opening experience, except I couldn’t open my dang eyes until every last molecule of the stuff was rinsed out… But I’ll be subjecting myself to the torture again if it means avoiding another trip to the doctor.


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