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Hey, Stranger!

Why, hello, Internet! I’ve been tackling deadlines at work (like a boss) and fighting an eye infection (like a weenie), so blogging hasn’t been front of mind. With nothing new to report, my inspiration is somewhat lacking.

Instead of munching away your time with senseless ramblings, I’ve decided to share an article that I really wish I had written. Like, really, because I love everything about it…in spite of the fact that it’s by Chris Hardwick.
Don’t get me wrong, I like the dude, but the incessant Talking Dead spots that run during The Walking Dead broadcasts grate on my nerves.

Anyway, read this article. Even if you don’t love Star Wars, it celebrates quality storytelling (original film) and the creativity that it fosters.

borowed from (Photo: Art Streiber)

borowed from (Photo: Art Streiber)




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