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Captain’s Log

Captain’s Log:

Star date 1302.25
We have returned from our exploration of the western reaches of the country to encounter a most intriguing and troublesome phenomenon: pearlescent precipitation descending upon the planet. The cold, wet drops look beautiful, peaceful even, as they dance across the sky. Be ye not deceived—they operate with a decidedly contemptuous collective mentality. Accumulating one on top of the other, their impudence grows concurrent with their strength, altering the landscape and breeding treachery. We must proceed cautiously.

And so, we face our second major winter storm in less than a week. We picked up about 10″ of snow last Thursday; the latest forecasts suggest an additional 12-16″ over the next day or two. What’s a girl to do with so much snow and no tauntaun? Why, build one, of course!

Surely you’ve seen the online photos of magnificent Star Wars snow sculptures (like this one). Yeah, well, let me tell ya…it’s not as easy as it looks. My mom and I gave it a valiant effort, but Han was right: tauntauns stink!




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