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Just three days after returning from Oregon/Washington, I got my act together and posted pictures. This is a big deal, people!

There are a few teaser pics below…197 more can be found on my share site ( I invite you to go take a look at the photographic manifestations of memories dear to my heart: tide pools and inhabitants of the Pacific Coast, towering trees in old-growth forests, snowy mountain adventures and a low-key birthday celebration.
I’m a word person by trade, yet I find myself sorely wanting in my attempts to adequately describe the splendor. The photos don’t do it justice either but it’s a start.

For those interested in the technicalities, the Mr.—henceforth referred to as “Severus”—shot with a Nikon D5000; I wielded a Nikon D7000 and my iPhone.


One response

  1. Lovely! These are very nice!

    2.22.2013 at 9:19 pm

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