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Back to Life, Back to Reality


Glamorous, no? Such is my current view at the good ol’ Denver airport (where I’m stranded until my flight is no longer delayed). We were supposed to be in the air right now but remain grounded for unknown reasons. So I wait and figure on being home in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, which only stinks because I’m back to work just a few hours later.

Alas, ’tis a small price to pay given the fantastic last week I enjoyed. From sunny ’60s on the ocean to snowy ’30s in the mountains and everything in between, it was an absolutely wonderful vacation.

I hope to have photos ready to share in the next few days; there’s a plethora to sort through first. I’m adjusting to the learning curve on my new Nikon DSLR so trial and error was the name of the game. Can’t wait for you to see the tiniest glimpse of the beauty I enjoyed!


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