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Anatomy of a Morning

This is the city: Kansas City, Missouri. I work here. I write. My morning starts long before I arrive at my desk.

4:59AM  I’m inexplicably wide awake but refuse to rise before my alarm clock sounds.

5:03AM  The alarm chirps at me, softly at first then progressively louder. I stick my foot out from under the covers—it’s cold out there. One snooze leaves me with plenty of time to get ready, so I’ll just chill here.

5:12AM  2nd alarm is triggered. I fumble to hit the snooze button in my semiconscious state.

5:21AM  Re-read the last statement but substitute (3rd) for (2nd).

5:30AM  I’m awake again, so I turn off the alarm altogether. I’ll get up in just a minute.

5:51AM  Guess I wasn’t awake after all. And I need to shower. Annnnd I’m supposed to be out of the house in less than an hour. Gonna have to make it snappy this morning.

5:56AM  How did I just kill another five minutes here? Okay, now I really need to rush through the shower.

6:14AM  Well that took longer than expected. Now only 30 minutes to get out the door.

6:20AM  Headed downstairs to watch the news while applying my makeup. Vampire Kitty decides that cuddle time is in order and takes up residence on my dominant arm.

6:28AM  Vampire Kitty is unhappy that I’m clumsily using my free hand to put on makeup. She bites me. I make a mental note to look into kitty-sized muzzles.

6:40AM  Makeup is finally done. Time to go blowdry my hair, insert contact lenses and search for clean(-ish) clothes.

6:50AM  I need to do laundry more often. This is ridiculous. There have to be some clothes around here that I don’t hate.

6:55AM  So I wore these jeans Friday, good enough. Now to figure out the shoe situation.vans

7:00AM  Sweet! I unearthed my pair of Vans that have been missing since our move last fall.

7:05AM  My car keys aren’t in my purse. And now nothing else is either.

7:07AM  Found the keys on the counter. Hope I haven’t missed the entertainment news segment on the radio. (I hadn’t.)

7:08AM  That plan of being at work by 7:30 today looks pretty unlikely given my 50-minute drive.

How do people ever do this with kids to wrangle too?
Happy Monday, everyone!


One response

  1. Shhhh…. I have kids. And I don’t have to wrangle them out the door every morning. Yes, I have two “school age” No, they are not mini-truancy runners. *sigh* No… no I’m not in a mental hospital banging my head against a wall imagining kids I could have had. (where do you think UP these things?)

    I homeschool. The ultimate in home-body… *wink* *wink*


    This is not somehow easier. Dammit. Hang on. *sips another sip of birthday-wine* Ahhhh…. yeah…. what kids?

    2.11.2013 at 10:49 pm

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