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Lucasfilm Letdown

Lucasfilm announced yesterday that they’re “postponing” the 3-D releases that were slated for late this year. A lot of fans are excited that they’re turning their focus towards the new film yet I find myself in the minority.
Episode VII should be great, but I wouldn’t have minded seeing Episodes II and III on the big screen again; especially given that they’ve got to be pretty close to having the 3-D-ization stuff already done. And while I wholly disliked The Phantom Menace, I joined the other dorks for the midnight opener last February*. It remained as lackluster as I remembered**, but there’s something magical about seeing Star Wars—any Star Wars—on the big screen.

*That was a really bizarre event, because most of the people there were the kids who would have been little kids when the movie came out. Like, the ones who are just now college-aged. I guess I had failed to consider that this installment was probably among their first fond memories of the franchise. Freaks me out to think about it. Also makes me feel super old.

**I wish somebody would’ve talked to me about how best to utilize Darth Maul. I remain perplexed as to why such an awesome-looking villain got chopped in half the first time out of the gate, only to be replaced by an old guy (Dooku). Instead of being chopped in half horizontally, Maul could have been chopped in half vertically and then regenerated like a starfish. Then there would have been two of him, which would have been legendary!

I saw Attack of the Clones a couple of times when it originally released (even on the giant IMAX screen, which rocked). Once you get past the awkward flirt scenes and Anakin’s lechery and Padmé’s waffling, it isn’t too awful. The Obi-Wan/Jango battle on Kamino was pretty cool, and Yoda’s dueling was a pleasant surprise. Not one of my favorites, but it works. And, seriously, I need to go to Villa Balbianello in Lake Como, Italy.

What really disappoints me is not getting to see Revenge of the Sith. I’ll risk my credibility and admit that I loved it (most of it, anyway).
I’ll never forget the first time I saw it***—the midnight showing on opening night, May 19, 2005. I ordered tickets as soon as they went on sale months earlier, and we arrived at the theater just after 9pm to claim our seats. As the hours passed, we saw fully costumed characters, fangirls wielding FX Lightsabers, and masses of middle-aged momma’s boys. It was great!

***I hope I haven’t already told this story.



Roughly midway through the film—about the time things get intense—I had a heart attack. I’m not even kidding. Probably.
Something happened, and I swear if I ever get any work done on my heart, they will tell me that there’s preexisting damage; I’ll be able to say it was from Episode III. My assumption is that excitement got the better of me and I got way too wrapped up in the movie. Whatever the case, my heart was flopping around in my chest and I had a hard time breathing. But I couldn’t risk missing the rest of the movie, so I just held tight.

I started feeling pretty emotional after Anakin and Obi-Wan dueled. And then the final scene hit (infant Luke being held on the desert ridge overlooking the iconic binary sunset). Cue standard SW end theme, blue credits on black background…and Darth Amethystos blubbering like a baby. People were cheering and filing out of the movie theater, whilst I sat sniveling. Not for just a few sentimental seconds either; stupid tears came until the acknowledgments wrapped and the screen finally went black, and they didn’t stop until I’d been home for some time.

So, yeah, I’m a little bummed that they’re scrapping the projects. There’s also the fact that this is a huge acknowledgement of the passing of an era. Unlike Disney-Lucasfilm, George Lucas-Lucasfilm would never have missed an opportunity for a cash-grab. And I would’ve happily obliged.


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