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Better Than a Stormtrooper

In my estimation, being a Stormtrooper is a pretty sweet gig. I mean think about it…

  • Traversing the galaxy, seeing exotic locales and mingling with otherworldly creatures
  • Sporting an awesome helmet so you never have to worry about a bad hair day
  • Suiting up in that awesome armor so you never have to worry if your clothes are wrinkly
  • Options for specialized training: Want to fly a TIE fighter? Interested in covert ops?
  • Career advancement opportunities (Yes, even YOU could guard the Emperor one day)
  • Paid government holidays and generous employee discounts

Heck, they even have job security; if I was as inaccurate in my job as they are with their blasters, I’d be unemployed.

And therein lies today’s gratuitous “I Love My Life” moment. I had fun with guns this weekend!

Pete, Sherry, Mom, Dad & Me

Pete, Sherry, Mom, Dad & Me

Missouri weather is anything but predictable—after highs in the twenties most of last week, we topped out in the upper fifties on Saturday afternoon. To take advantage of the beautiful weather, we ventured outside for some family bonding. Living out in the country has its advantages; among them, being able to shoot at targets in front of a big hill without fear of hurting anyone or damaging anything.

My parents, Uncle Pete, Aunt Sherry and I spent a couple of hours shooting up some targets. And it was just about the most fun Saturday afternoon ever 🙂
You know what they say about the family that shoots together. Or something like that.

our targetPete is still the surest shot among us, but I’m proud to say that I’m getting it. On a skill scale from Stormtrooper up to Sheriff Rick Grimes, I fall closer to Rick. So, basically, in the event of a zombie apocalypse I’ll be in decent shape…provided there’s an ample supply of munitions.

My two best shots are circled in purple

My two best shots are circled in purple


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