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Involuntary Hoarding

The new year brought with it a new job! While the majority of my professional life has been spent editing the writing put forth by others, my newest challenge is getting paid to come up with my own. That’s right, friends, I’m officially a writer now. It may be hard to imagine based on the oft-times mediocre quality of this blog but don’t laugh, Hallmark Cards knows a thing or two about writers. It’s legit, I assure you.

hoarding catalogs

You can own Avengers art like mine…

Lest ye think I have stumbled into the most glamorous of occupations, I submit the following evidence.

Catalogs dating back to 1998. That I get to sort through. And they’re all out of order. And there are more in the file cabinet drawers that you can’t see in this photo. And I’m told they need to stay within the confines of my cubular space—isn’t that an awesome new term?!—so that I can refer back to them. Which I will probably never do for those older than 2010.

Good times at the card factory.


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