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There are some days when I’m just dang proud to be an American. Those days frequently fall during the Olympics or around the Fourth of July or when there’s a heartwarming response to tragedy…or anytime I consider that I’m not of the same nationality as that Bieber kid.
But let’s add another proud-to-be-an-American date, shall we? December 13, 2012.

While our 535-person Congress can’t agree on a way to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” more than 25,000 fine citizens banded together to sign a petition securing funds for (and construction of!) our own Death Star space station. Yes, the idea is unlikely to take off—pun intended—but the White House is obligated to give an official response due to the number of signatures filed. They. HAVE. To. bahahahahahahaha!

Check out the official White House We the People page to see the petition. Sadly, and perhaps surprisingly, you’ll not find my digital signature there. While I find great merit in the possibility of an official U.S. Death Star, it does present a number of logistical challenges that I’m not sure any administration is prepared to confront. That and I didn’t want to find myself added to some watch list by signing on.

Nicely played, Star Wars fans. Nicely played.

Death Star construction from Revenge of the Sith


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