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Works of Art

Unpacking is both a blessing and a curse.
Finding cool things you forgot you had=awesome.
Finding uncool things you forgot you had and now must store=totally not awesome.

The majority of my unpacking thus far has tended toward the ‘curse’ end of the spectrum, so I’ve largely neglected it. There have been a few gems, and it should come as no surprise that the majority of said gems are unearthed in the Star Wars room. Take these beauties—the Return of the Jedi coloring books that I actually colored in as a tot.

Being an only child with a stay-at-home mom, many of my early days included coloring time with my momma. I loved coloring. Still do.

Here are some samples of the fine artwork borne of crayons skillfully wielded by my mother and me. You shouldn’t have much problem figuring out which parts she colored…


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