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Fatness Everdeen

In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, “Well, another Halloween has come and gone.”

This year, like so many others, I had every intention of donning a costume.

This year, unlike so many others, I actually followed through and donned a costume.

Allow me to present one Ms. Fatness Everdeen (who bears a slight resemblance to the better-known Katniss and a major resemblance to the lesser-known Darth Amethystos).

The braiding technique is called a Dutch braid; there are gobs of tutorials online but since I’m no hair expert, I enlisted the help of a cosmetologist friend.

Jacket is the NECA Hunger Games Arena Jacket (regular version, which is about half the price of the prop replica jacket). Thankfully, I grabbed it on Amazon several months ago and saved myself about $20.

Boots are Madden Girl Raszcal—the non-leather, cheaper version of the Madden Banddit boots.

Slim-fit cargo pants are Gap style Hadley.

Maybe next year I’ll add some gory makeup and go as zombie Katniss.


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