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When It Rains, It Pours

And you get a leak in the roof of your brand-new home, which means you get yucky wet sheetrock. All should be covered by warranty, thankfully, but not the most fun way to start a Monday.

In other “when it rains” news, my family faces a new cancer diagnosis…a re-diagnosis, actually. My aunt Kelly battled breast cancer about 14 years ago, and it has since decided to come out of remission. After the initial biopsy, it’s classified as Stage 2; Kelly will undergo a larger chest/abdomen scan this week to ensure it didn’t spread from somewhere else.

Kelly didn’t want to burden my uncle Pete and aunt Sherry with the development, thinking they have enough of their own worries. So my mom—being the oldest sibling—got the task of sharing this news over the weekend. Not surprisingly, Pete took the news with an optimistic outlook. “It could be worse,” he maintains (even in his own situation). They welcome the opportunity to pray for Kelly just as she has been praying for them.

It’s hard to try to imagine what the next several months will look like. I’m hopeful we’ll all be able to gather together for the holidays…even if a few of us are bald. I’m hopeful this year won’t be our last opportunity to do so.


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