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Oodles of Updates

You know what they say about “the best-laid plans”…unfortunately, they’re right.

I’d been looking forward to visiting with my uncle Pete & aunt Sherry last night. They wanted to see the progress on the new house—Pete was particularly interested in the cabinets—and I was excited to share. We are set to close a week from Friday (still not holding my breath), so things have finally started coming along. On my way home from work, though, I got a plan-altering phone call.

Pete spent last night in the hospital. They had been doing a little yard work yesterday when he felt overwhelmingly nauseous. As this was accompanied by acute abdominal pain, they decided to make a trip to the ER.

The good news is that the administration of morphine brought immediate pain relief. The less-good news (I refuse to call it “bad,” all things relative) is that Pete’s experiencing an inflamed pancreas. I’m waiting to hear if chemo happened today as scheduled.

Now back to that little issue of the new house. It’s actually looking like a real house these days. Lights & electrical are in, tile and stonework are set, stain and paint are all done (inside and out) and trees are planted. Bonus: teaser pics!


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