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I’m Still Here

You’ve not been forsaken, I’m just a lazy steward of my domain.

Oregon is just a week-old memory now. Within a few hours of returning to work, I felt like the trip had never even happened—real life is such a killjoy. Soon after, I found myself a little overwhelmed going from 3,500+ photos down to 500+. If somebody lost 85% of their body weight like that, it would be a big HUGE (and probably mortal) deal. That kind of reduction with photographs, though, still isn’t concise enough. Yeah, Oregon is awesome, but I’m pretty sure nobody has the time (nor care) to sift through that many vacation slides.

So I found other ways to spend time <cough>pinterest<cough>…and I stumbled on a brilliant beauty tip.

You’ve probably seen people painting their fingernails with an “accent finger” of a different color. It’s a little funky, yes, but an altogether teenagerish thing to do? Nay, I say, it’s one of the smartest, most convenient things ever. Mostly because I’m as lazy getting ready for work in the mornings as I am about updating my blog.

Let’s say you have a big shindig, so you’re sporting fluorescent orange polish. Get home late, don’t want to take off the polish=stuck with it while you’re wearing something more hum-drum and/or clashy the next day. You’ve been there, I know.

But not if you’re wearing something semi-neutral on all but one finger. Take five minutes to strip one nail and repaint it. Voilà! New look.

I didn’t take pictures every day that I changed my pop of color this week, but here are a couple of snapshots (just ignore the sloppy paint job, chubby fingers and poor photo quality).

Now go do it! You know you want to.


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