nesting * geeking * critiquing


I have awesome, talented friends. Sometimes it makes me a little sick, actually (in the jealous, “I’m-not-worthy” kind of way). Today I got my hands on some custom physical proof of one friend’s ridiculous artistic gift.

Remember a while ago I told you about John DiBiase? He’s kind of a rockstar artist; oh, and he also founded/operates a little website called…it’s kind of a big deal. Yeah, well I’ve been friends with John for over a decade now, so I’m going to brag on him again.

There was a package waiting for me when I got home from work today. After awkwardly unwrapping it—my hands don’t function very well when I’m excited—I saw the following gems.

I’m literally in awe. My artistic ability is all but nonexistent, and there’s not much that I love more than Scout Troopers/Speeder Bikes and Ewoks. Are you seeing these?? The depth and texture is amazing. The glimmer in Wicket’s eyes and squishy little Lumat cheeks… Gah! My rinky-dink iPhone photos barely even do them justice. Can’t wait to get these babies displayed in my Star Wars room (if the stupid new house is ever finished)!

Go check out John’s Etsy store, so you can own a bit of awesomeness too.


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