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Homeward Bound

This special-edition, flight-layover blog post is coming to you from the “mile-high airport.” What’s up, Denver?!
Side note: there’s an annoying little girl throwing a tantrum next to me, so I’m hoping she’s nowhere near me on the plane :-O

You’ll notice the Thicket has been devoid of activity recently; that’s because I’ve been enjoying the great outdoors. Really, REALLY enjoying them—hiking around waterfalls and mountains to the point of putting my out-of-shape body in excruciating pain. Pain that I couldn’t be more eager to experience again.

I’ll chronicle my adventures over the next few days after I’ve sorted through the 3,476 pictures. Yes, you read that right…3,476. There’s a ton of beautiful in Oregon, and even the plethora of pictures will not begin to do it justice. I gave it a darn good effort, though.
Don’t like nature? Don’t worry, I have tales of crime and destruction as well (aspects of the trip I could’ve done without).

But, alas, it’s back to the rat race tomorrow. Commuting, emails, deadlines and no Pacific ocean sunset to make it worthwhile. On the bright side, the weekend is near.



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