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Revisiting Results

My uncle Pete started chemotherapy this morning. They opted to do intravenous treatment rather than “installing” a portacath…so far, so good.

A bit later this afternoon, my aunt received a phone call from the radiologist. During their seizure-induced hospital visit last week, Pete had several more scans done on his brain. The technician at that time said there had no been change from the initial scans. After more time reviewing the results, the radiologist shared wholly unexpected news.

The largest tumor in Pete’s brain has shrunk by approximately one-third! Moreover, the swelling is significantly decreased.
This combined with the improved medication performance gives us great hope. We know that the cancer may not go into remission, but we are beyond grateful for the improved state of affairs for Pete and Sherry. We rejoice in the steadfast love of the All-Sufficient One!




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