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From My Momma, Vol. II

Here’s the latest message from my mom to her coworkers. It was sent on Friday and fleshes out the situation with my aunt and uncle a bit more…

I spoke with my sister Sherry last evening, and Pete’s scans came back. The PET scan showed cancer in his bones, spots on his liver and a tumor on his adrenal gland. With treatment, he has 8 months, maybe a year.

Sherry said Pete called her out to the porch the other evening and showed her a list he had made detailing how he wants to proceed with treatment and his wishes for the future. It’s becoming harder and harder for him to pull his thoughts together, so he is writing everything down as he thinks of it. She feels like he is already slipping away.
Sherry told me she went to the grocery store yesterday and saw an elderly couple holding hands as they did their shopping; she realized she might never have those “taken-for-granted” moments with Pete again.
I hope it is a lesson learned for me.  Appreciate those I love, don’t take friendships for granted, and be especially thankful for God’s many blessings.

Sherry did want me to express their deep gratitude for all your prayers. God still has a plan for Pete here, and we are praying for a miracle that will astonish and confound all the medical professionals who are treating him. That thought alone puts a smile on my face.


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