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Highs and Lows

My last post was intentionally tongue-in-cheek, primarily because it’s me (“Write what you know” and all that) but also because I anticipated today’s blog would be much more difficult to compose.

Each passing day grows more bittersweet with regards to my uncle’s prognosis. Yesterday brought results from Tuesday’s PET scan; results that were, if possible, equally encouraging and disheartening. Instead of the estimated 6-week expectancy the doctors had originally forecast sans chemo, they’re now saying 6 months (again, without chemo). With chemotherapy, they anticipate 8-12 months. I’m optimistic it will be longer, because I routinely hear about patients who have defied the odds and squeaked out more time here.

Pete’s head—which was beset with ten sessions of radiation therapy—was not scanned and will not be for another couple of weeks. At that time, we’ll learn how much the brain tumors have waned.

Uncle Pete, Aunt Sherry, Cousin Dusty (yes, he’s THAT tall), and Darth Amethystos last weekend

In the meantime, we’re burdened with the news that the cancer has already spread to Pete’s bones.

Though Pete is a much more subdued version of the outgoing, frolicsome bloke we’re used to, he’s still thoughtful and strategic. He’s more hesitant in sharing his words (almost certainly because they are more difficult to process now), but he chooses and delivers them deliberately. One of the thoughts he expressed to my aunt is that he does intend to fight this by undergoing chemotherapy. There was the chance that he could have chosen to forgo the treatment in favor of having fewer potential complications in his remaining time.
I can’t even express how my heart rejoiced at the news that he’s giving it a go starting next Wednesday.

So here we are observing another Friday Fasting & Prayer for Pete day. I wish the miraculous healing had already come, but as long as Pete is here, I’ll continue to petition God. For that matter, I’ll be petitioning Him on behalf of my aunt as long as she’s here.

If God’s will doesn’t include a big miracle, I pray that He will at least bring peace to Pete and Sherry (as well as the rest of us) and a treatment path free of pesky side effects.

In other news, I still need to post pics from the Star Wars science-y exhibit thing. It’s been almost two weeks already, but I will upload them sooner than later. There are some minor house updates to share as well. Never a dull moment…


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  1. Dad

    I wish I had 10% of your writing talent!

    8.31.2012 at 1:45 pm

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