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Site stats generally don’t do a lot for me. There are some pot-of-gold moments, though, when you’re just glad you dared to look.

In the past two days, I’ve had readers linked to my blog based on the following search terms



A) Who searches random things like that, anyway? My web searches are usually things like “do I have tonsillitis” or “Robert Pattinson GMA” or “Star Wars Charlie Brown mashup.” Kind of random, yeah, but not like those.

B) My blog actually talks about those things? Have I been sleep-blogging again? I, of course, had to enter those search terms to see if I could find my link. mystery cat donut squishy didn’t pull up in the first few pages of Google results, so I added amethystos to the list. And what to my wondering eyes did appear?





I’m not sure whether to be proud or slightly horrified.


One response

  1. I enjoy checking out the search terms. They can be quite entertaining from time to time. It does make you wonder about people sometimes. LOL

    8.16.2012 at 5:38 pm

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