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Today is my half birthday! Only six more months to finish out my 30 Before 30…Let’s be honest, it’s not looking good.

What is looking good is my upcoming trip to Portland. One month from today, I’ll be exploring the Oregonian wilderness. I’m ridiculously excited—if I was a puppy, I’d be peeing on the floor. Just try to forget that mental image.

The new house is looking pretty good, too. Since so much time has been devoted to talking about my uncle Pete, I’ve neglected a lot of updates on the new house. During one of our hospital visits last week, he asked if they had installed the cabinets yet. Only a carpenter/former cabinet shop owner would be thinking about that after his diagnosis 🙂

Indeed, cabinets have been installed and most trim work is completed. Closing was supposed to be August 31, but masonry, stain and paint are all a little behind schedule; the new estimated closing date is also about a month from now. I’m admittedly a bit annoyed about the delay pushing us into the same time as the trip. Oh well.




One response

  1. Missie

    YEAH! on the house, YEAH on the trip. Still thinking of you and your family and praying to ease your fears.

    8.16.2012 at 4:19 pm

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