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Friday was a good day. Today isn’t so much.

My aunt Sherry talked with the radiologist today regarding my uncle’s biopsy results. I suspected the prognosis would be bad. I didn’t, however, think it would be this very bad.

Had Pete not started radiation (he finished his third treatment today) and planned to undergo chemotherapy, he’d be looking at a life expectancy of six weeks. The harsh reality is that six weeks doesn’t even put us into October. Pete will turn 54 in October.

The outlook with chemo/radiation is 6-12 months. Better, but still downright sucky.

Six months, six weeks, even six-tenths of a second is enough time for God to do a miracle. I don’t just believe this, I know it. HE alone can take a period of expectancy and extend it ten-fold if it’s in His will. At the same time, though, I feel it’s important to be prepared; Pete’s ultimate healing might come in the way of heaven, not restored health on this earth. If that happens, we’re left to pick up the pieces, pray for peace, and try to come to the grips with the fact that God is still good.

Looks like we’re on for another round of Friday Fasting this week; I intend to repeat it every Friday until this chapter comes to a close (with either end result).

The Kutless song “Even If” has been heavy on my mind. Perhaps it will bless your heart as it has mine today.



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