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It’s a Start

We were expecting to hear lung tumor biopsy* results today, but they didn’t come. Wait until Monday we must, yes, hmmm. (If you didn’t just read that as Yoda, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.)

While we didn’t hear all the pathology stuff, we did have some pretty big developments today. For one, Pete had his first radiation therapy treatment on his head; his second session (of ten) will be tomorrow morning. We spoke with the radiologist, and he remains baffled that Pete hasn’t been experiencing any headaches—a head full of tumors apparently tends to be headache-happy.

The doctor also said that the lung tumor is most likely “non-small cell” carcinoma. A quick web search will tell you that the typical prognosis is not good, especially when the cancer has spread to other major organs like it has in Pete. Frankly, I can accept the reality of that, now that the initial shock has subsided. Even so, it won’t deter me from praying for a complete healing touch. If there’s one thing I know about Jesus, it’s that He is quite the odds-breaker.

The other major change today is that Pete was discharged from the hospital. As I type this, they are on their way home. There were many times this week when we weren’t sure if that homecoming would be possible. The battle has just begun, but these early victories are great!!

Also, my wonderful cousins were able to come to town to visit today. I may have said it in an earlier post, but Pete has been like a second dad to all of us. It was nice to all be in the same room together, even if it was a hospital room.

Will continue to update as the situation evolves. I speak for my entire family when I say that we so appreciate all of the prayers you’ve been sending to heaven on our behalf. But we’re still a little greedy and continue to covet your prayers, so keep ’em coming!

*While talking with a coworker today, I accidentally said autopsy instead of biopsy. Maybe I should have my brain checked out, too 🙂


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