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I love getting a bargain.  Generally speaking, I’m too lazy for coupons unless they fall right into my lap.  And even then I’m lucky if I can find them when I need them.  Back aisles and end caps are my friends, since the clearance merchandise usually lives in their midst.  Imagine my surprise, then, when I scored an awesome deal at two very un-deal-y places: Costco and AMC Theaters.

My glamorous life tends to lead me to Costco for a pizza slice and drink.  It’s yummy, filling, and you can’t find lunch for $2.50ish just anywhere.  On the days when I scarf my food, I’m left with time to peruse the wholesale wares; books and videos take up most of my shopping time.  So check this out…

Batman Begins blu-ray (film and digital copy) $7.99

The Dark Knight blu-ray (3-disc film/digital copy) $7.99

Already a good deal, right?  But wait!  Each one of these also had a code for $5 off a ticket to The Dark Knight Rises.

The $10 off on the tickets saved us the cost of one whole admission.  I was one happy fangirl!

Also, if you haven’t seen any of these movies yet, you really need to.  I’m a pretty recent Batman convert (Superman was my favorite superhero growing up), and just never really got the appeal—having a billion different guys play The Caped Crusader didn’t help.  I’d heard somewhat unfavorable reviews of the last installment, so I tried not to get too excited.

Were there loose ends that remained untidy?  Sure.  Did it totally set us up for a successor that might never happen and would almost certainly fall short of our hopes?  Absolutely, it did.  But it was chillingly wonderful, and Christopher Nolan totally sold me on his vision.  I’m hooked.  (Just don’t tell the little girl who used to run around in Superman garb.)


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